WE ARE GOING TO Rock The World

The goal of the JA Company of the Year Competition is to create a signature showcase for Junior Achievement and the high school students who benefit from the impact of the JA Company Program®. This annual celebration of success, which is celebrating its 13th edition, will allow young people to demonstrate their business acumen and spirit of entrepreneurship in a competitive environment which will engage business, education and policy leaders as well as the media. 


As Resilience is into the DNA of Junior Achievement, despite of the challenges of the global pandemic of COVID-19 the organization decided to run the event, for the second time in a virtual format (powered by Virtual Venue).

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At the event, students from Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean proudly present the results of their enterprise and learning experience, and appear before a panel of independent judges who determine company performance against the competition criteria. Team members must demonstrate an understanding of how and why the company performed as it did, and balance the business achievements of the team as a whole with each member’s individual personal development. Judges will look for evidence of innovation and application of new ideas in all aspects of company operations. 

Remember what happened in 2020...